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About Us

Practical Cycles is a small business. Yes, we have spacious new premises, and a dapper website but our common belief is that we are simply committed to selling Cargo Bikes. Our motivation is not to become rich but get more people riding bicycles - especially Cargo Bikes.
We have 3 members of staff dealing with everything from website-building to packing mail order goods to building a Hub Geared wheel. That's me in the picture below riding the Surly Big Dummy with my two naughty nephews. I also ride a Christiania Long Cargo Bike to carry all the parcels to the Post Office.
We are not 'global-mega-corp.' We believe that small and manageable is more sustainable than the insaitiable hunt for massive growth and domination at the expense of having fun and living a happy life.
What really motivated us to start Practical Cycles was a mixture of things. We visited some cities that have great bicycle culture such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Portland - Oregon, San Francisco, Seattle and Cambridge! (Yes we felt guilty about all those air miles but feel we're putting that right now)...

...And we were always balancing silly loads on bikes that were not made to balance silly loads on - it was a challange and fun but probably not Practical!

Today we have a comprehensive range of cargo bikes, family bikes and delivery bikes borne out of our experience of riding them, and seeing them ridden and used every day in the worlds great cycling cities. Our range of demo cargo bikes is unrivalled here in the UK.

We believe that even on a 'regular everyday bike' you can "carry stuff". There are now so many great bags, racks, carriers and brackets that enable you to carry shopping, laptops and work stuff. It's the nomad in us that keeps us hunting for ever more Practical ways of carrying stuff both large and small over distances near and far.

Put simply our mantra is that, "you can do more by bike and do even more by cargo bike"! 


Go on - we dare you!