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  • Have you ever seen a Cargo Bike zip past you in the street? If so, it's more than likely that it was an 8Freight bike.

    Designed by one of the most famed bicycle designers in the business (Mike Burrows), there’s a host of other reasons why people all over the world are making 8Freight their Cargo Bike of choice.

    What sets 8Freight apart from the rest?

    For starters, imagine owning a bike designed by the same person whose bikes have won Olympic gold medals.

    Mike Burrows is beloved in the world of cycling, as he constantly produces innovative, award-winning bikes. He is the driving force behind the 8Freight, and with decades of experience behind him, knows a thing or two about bike design.

    Despite weighing in at a measly 20 kilograms (just over three stone) and having a width of 60cm, the 8Freight boasts a maximum load capacity of 100kg. A pair of 20-inch wheels requires less energy than average to start rolling, which means that the 8Freight will easily cruise along, even with heavier loads.

    Is an 8Freight bike right for me?

    Most likely. The 8Freight is loved and regularly used by people from every background, from pizza deliverers and window cleaners to those on a simple grocery run. The 8Freight is also an easy, fun and environmentally-friendly way to carry around smaller passengers such as children or small pets.

    So, from its humble hand-built beginnings in the UK to being mass-produced in Taiwan (where the master frame welders ply their trade), the 8Freight has become one of the leading choices for all manner of cyclists - and unsurprisingly, our own experts here at Practical Cycles.

    Contact us today about the 8Freight

    Practical Cycles is a small business with a massive dedication to Cargo Bikes. We only stock products from brands that we trust and that are renowned the world over for their innovative, fun-to-use and cost-effective Cargo Bikes and accessories.

    Our aim is to get as many people as possible into cargo biking, which is just one more reason why we are so proud to stock the 8Freight and all of the related products such as cargo boxes, wicker baskets and shower caps.

    To find out more about the 8Freight or any other of the other bikes we stock, just get in touch with our friendly team here at Practical Cycles today.


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