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  • Their appearance may be a tad confusing to some, but Bakfiets cargo bikes are a common sight in many towns and cities across Europe, especially Holland - and now, they are set to make a major impact here in the UK. As you might expect, here at Practical Cycles, we are very much at the forefront of that revolution!

    Unlike typical cargo bikes, Bakfiets bikes come equipped with a wooden box that is used to hold the cargo. This makes for a huge amount of versatility that you may not get with other cargo bikes, while also increasing the safety of carrying cargo.

    Indeed, Bakfiets bikes and trikes can be used for;

    •    Carrying regular cargo - it could be groceries, deliveries or anything your heart desires
    •   Transporting children - yes, you read that correctly. The box comes equipped with a folding bench and straps that allow the bike to carry children safely. An extra bench can be added if need be, and tents and rain covers are also available. If you purchase the Extra Wide trike, the box can seat up to four children and comes with two benches as standard
    •    Carrying heavier cargo - the Bakfiets XL Transport is the longest in the range and is ideal for those who intend to carry heavier or bulkier loads. This bike comes with a flat bed load area as standard, but this can be removed if you wish to add a customised container instead

    Whatever it is you intend to use your cargo bike for, Bakfiets has it covered. Available in a range of colours and speeds, there’s bound to be a Bakfiets bike for you.

    Bakfiets bikes and trikes also come with the option to add Electric Assist, which will make things much easier if you use your Bakfiets bike regularly or for longer journeys.

    Practical Cycles is a small business dedicated to stocking and celebrating cargo bikes. After travelling the world, we were pleasantly surprised at how many cities have implemented the use of cargo bikes into everyday life - be it for buying groceries, doing the school run or simply the workday commute.

    For more information about Bakfiets cargo bikes or any other of our products, remember to get in touch with the Practical Cycles team - don't worry, we don't bite!


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