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  • As well as stocking cargo bikes from some of the world’s leading brands, here at Practical Cycles, we offer custom wheel builds, including hub gears, drum brakes and dynamo hubs, to name just a few of the options that we can present to you.

    This article is going to focus on dynamo wheel builds, by which we mean wheels that feature a hub dynamo.

    So... what is a hub dynamo?

    If you have ever seen someone riding down the street with a light flashing on and off on their bike, it’s highly likely that their wheels were fitted with a hub dynamo. A hub dynamo basically takes the form of a small electrical generator built into the hub of a wheel, which then powers the bike's lights.  

    In short, hub dynamos enable you to light the way on your bicycle in a much more efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient way. What’s not to like?

    Our custom wheel building service here at Practical Cycles gives you a wide array of options for every part of the wheel, dynamo hubs being one of those options.

    Indeed, you have many useful and affordable options to choose from here at Practical Cycles for your next wheelbuild, depending on your needs, preferences and budget.

    What dynamo hubs can you choose from?

    If your main concern is your budget, our Sturmey Archer or Shimano dynamo hubs are your best bet - they perform exceptionally well, regardless of their low price.

    The SP dynamo hub, for example, is an exceptional mid-range option, while the SON and Supernova are at the higher end of the budget scale.

    Whichever dynamo hub you go for, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your wheels will be built by a trained and qualified expert - they will be straight, well-built and see you right for years to come.

    Make Practical Cycles your one-stop shop for dynamo hubs

    Practical Cycles is a small business with a big love for cycling and bikes, especially cargo bikes. After visiting several global cities with a rich cycling culture and after several failed attempts to carry loads on unsuitable bikes, we decided that the world needed to show cargo bikes a bit more love.

    We stock a broad selection of cargo bikes suitable for every need, taste and budget, whether you desire such a bike for carrying groceries, making deliveries or just making the school run that bit more fun.

    For more information about dynamo wheel builds or anything else to do with our cargo bikes here at Practical Cycles, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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