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  • One of the services that Practical Cycles offers is the creation of custom hand built wheels.

    If you aren’t as cargo bike-obsessed as us, it can be difficult to see why the price of a custom wheel build is worth it – here are a list of some of the reasons why investing in a wheel build is better than just settling for any sort of bike wheel from any old store.

    Your wheel will fit your exact needs

    It could be that you wish to ride only on a certain terrain, that you plan to use your bike for long periods of time or that you simply wish to carry heavy cargo.

    Whatever your needs are, a custom wheel build from Practical Cycles means that the different combinations of wheel parts will be matched to your requirements. After all, it’s no good buying a wheel made for high-speed road racing if you need something for use on rocky or muddy terrain.

    You know you’re in safe hands

    All of our custom wheel builds are performed by Ric, our fully trained and qualified wheelbuilder. Having a human build your bike wheels instead of a machine allows for much more attention to detail to be given.

    You’ll also find that custom wheel builds are made with much more precision and care – it’s a lot easier for a machine to make an error than a wheelbuilding expert. If anything does go wrong, it’s also a lot easier to fix.

    In addition, your custom-built wheels will be straighter, much better-built and longer-lasting. That sounds like an awful lot of good things to us!

    At the end of the day, it’s a lot nicer to have more control over the most important part of your bike, isn’t it?

    Choose Practical Cycles for custom hand built wheels!

    Practical Cycles is a small business dedicated to selling high quality cargo bikes. After witnessing the biking culture in cities across the world, we set out to spread the word about cargo bikes and how useful they can be in everyday life, for tasks ranging from carrying groceries home to picking the kids up from school.

    For more information on custom wheel builds, cargo bikes or anything else you’re curious about related to our areas of expertise, please feel free to get in touch with our team here at Practical Cycles today.


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