• Why the Bakfiets Cargo Trike is yet more evidence that 'the more wheels, the merrier'! 17 March 2016 | View comments

  • The Bakfiets brand is famed for their cargo bikes, which are an everyday sight in Holland and other European countries. They're admittedly not as frequently spotted here in Blighty just yet, but with sales on the increase, that situation might change very soon!

    What we would like to talk about in our latest blog post, however, is one of the most recent additions to the Bakfiets family - the Bakfiets Cargo Trike.

    How does the Cargo Trike differ from the Cargo Bike?

    In terms of parts and how it works, the Bakfiets Cargo Trike really isn’t much different to its Cargo Bike counterpart. It offers the same amount of practicality as the Cargo Bike, if not more – it just has an extra wheel to make things a bit easier for everyone.

    That third wheel makes the riding experience a lot more enjoyable and worry-free for people who are worried about their balance – whether or not they are carrying a large load.

    That said, it is certainly easier to carry larger loads with a Cargo Trike than a Cargo Bike. This makes it ideal for those of you who wish to use the trike for business reasons or the transportation of children.

    Don’t forget to accessorise...
    One of the best things about the Bakfiets Cargo Trike is the amount of adaptability that it offers. There is a range of accessories available to be used in conjunction with the wooden storage box that can totally transform how you use your cargo trike.

    The rain cover, for instance, is ideal when the trike is being used as a commercial vehicle, or if you simply wish to keep the storage box dry.

    If you want to use your cargo trike as a regular transport method, there are bench cushions, child seats and rain tents that can turn your trike into a fun, practical and environmentally friendly way to do the school run.

    The trike is also available in an extra wide model for even more storage opportunities, and can even be specified with electric assist for when you really need that little bit of extra help.

    What are you waiting for? To start reaping the many benefits of Bakfiets cargo trikes and bikes, get in touch or shop today with Practical Cycles – the leading cargo bike specialists.


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