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  • The Practical Cycles team consists of a great number of cargo bike experts and enthusiasts, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about cycling.

    Our knowledge strays a little from just cargo bikes, though. One of our lesser-known services is that of creating custom bicycle wheels.

    If you’re not as clued up on cycling as we are, you may see it as a rather unnecessary service – but we’re here to convince you otherwise!

    You can spend your money wisely

    One of the many advantages of having your bicycle wheels custom-made is that you can choose which parts of the wheel you want to invest more or less money in, whereas with factory-built wheels, you’re pretty much stuck if you’re unhappy with a certain part of the wheel.

    It could be that you care more about what hubs you have than the rims, or that you just want to add some extras – custom wheels save you from wasting money on any unnecessary or unhelpful features, thereby making the absolute most of your wheel budget.

    Furthermore, many factory built wheels are made with unusual and very specific parts which are hard (or sometimes impossible) to replace or repair. If you can get the spares they are often so expensive that the wheel becomes an "economic right off". This is not the case with handbuilt wheels - should they need repairing then this can be done over and over again from a wide inventory of readily available and reasonably priced spare parts.

    Your needs are catered to

    Many people who are particularly light or weighty may struggle to find a fairly inexpensive factory-built option that suits them. Having your wheels custom built solves this problem. You also have the benefit of being able to tell your wheel builder your exact needs – a much more personal and enjoyable experience than just walking into a shop and purchasing some wheels.

    If you choose to have your wheels custom built with Practical Cycles, you will benefit from the expertise and skill of our trained and qualified wheel builder, Ric. Every set of wheels he makes is straight and well-built and will see you right for years to come.

    If you have any further queries about having us make your wheels by hand, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Practical Cycles. As one of the leading stockists of cargo bikes and trikes, and as bike enthusiasts, we do our utmost to get as many people as possible to enjoy cycling as much as we do – which is a lot!


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