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  • Babboe has been manufacturing cargo bikes of all kinds for over a decade now. Practical Cycles, we’re proud to say, was one of the first companies in the UK to begin stocking Babboe products, with the Babboe Big trike remaining one of our bestsellers to this day.

    A safe mode of transport

    The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Babboe big trike is the striking birch plywood box – a known feature of many cargo bikes and trikes. This trike, in particular, is built with the intention of carrying younger passengers, as opposed to general cargo – hence the two wooden benches inside the box.

    The idea of using cargo bikes to transport younger passengers hasn’t caught on in some places as much as it has in others. Many people worry that it may be unsafe, compared to using a car or another mode of transport. It's not unlike how many people fret about being involved in a plane crash, despite the cars that they travel in every day crashing much more often!

    Well, the great news is that the Babboe big trike can safely accommodate four children, each of whom has their own three-point harness - making it a fun, safe, and efficient way to do the school run or just to get from A to B.

    It's an eco-friendly option, too!

    One of the main benefits of using a cargo trike or bike to get around is how environmentally friendly it is compared to using a car, or public transport such as the bus. The Babboe big trike doesn't use up any natural resources, with even the fact that four younger passengers can accompany you being beneficial to the environment.

    Even better news is that there is a wealth of accessories on offer to enable you to tailor the Babboe big trike to your needs. Everything from rain tents and woolly covered baby seats to seat cushions are available – it depends entirely on what you plan to use your Babboe big trike for.

    Whatever your cargo trike needs are, Practical Cycles should be your first port of call. We are a team of cargo bike experts and enthusiasts who are dedicated to encouraging more people to ride bicycles – be it for exercise, enjoyment or practical reasons such as commuting to work.

    Get in touch with Practical Cycles now to find out more about the Babboe Big trike or any other of the other incredible cycling products we stock!


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