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  • Babboe’s Cargo Bikes and trikes may look rather unusual, but their ability to get you - and your cargo - from A to B is second to none.  One of the Dutch brand's offerings is designed to be an especially streamlined, efficient and speedy version of your regular Cargo Bike – the Babboe City.

    What makes the Babboe City bike so different from Babboe’s other products is that it only has two wheels, compared to the three wheels that usually characterise the brand's Cargo Bike offerings.  

    It is because of this that we would only recommend the Babboe City for more experienced bicycle riders – the lack of a third wheel offers less balance and support than a trike. The benefit of having only two wheels, however, is the ability to transport yourself and your cargo much faster.

    What can I transport?

    The Babboe City's box comes with a foldable bench, fitted with three-point harnesses for two younger passengers. If you aren’t doing the school run today, the bench can be easily stored away, enabling you to use the sturdy wooden box to transport anything your heart desires.

    A cargo bike for all occasions

    As well as the standard Babboe City bike, Babboe manufactures an electric assist version for that little extra boost, the lithium-ion battery offering a range of 40-60 kilometres and a charging time of four hours from completely empty to fully charged.

    We also stock a wide range of accessories for use with your Babboe City bike, including a 'pyjama' cover, rain tent and toddler seats, all designed to help you gain the absolute most from your Babboe cargo bike.

    Purchase your Cargo Bike from Practical Cycles

    Whatever Babboe Cargo Bike or trike is catching your eye, you can count on Practical Cycles to deliver the very best pricing, not to mention the very best customer service. We are a dedicated team of cargo bike enthusiasts and experts, meaning that we are happy to impartially recommend the best Cargo Bike and/or associated accessories for you.

    We want as many people as possible to feel benefits of owning a Cargo Bike or trike, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about purchasing one - whether or not you choose something from the renowned Babboe range.


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