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  • Money never seems to stick around for long nowadays. Even those of us who scrimp and save so often spend the last two weeks or so before payday desperately anticipating its arrival.

    One area of your life where you should avoid being thrifty, though, is your bicycle wheels.

    Although it may seem like an unusual statement to make, having good quality custom handbuilt wheels from Practical Cycles on your bike comes with advantages that many store-bought wheels can’t offer. Here are a few...

    You know your wheels were made by a professional

    Many store-bought wheels are manufactured in factories – we feel that this is a very clinical approach to building bike wheels, with not as much care and time able to be put into the process, meaning that you may encounter problems with quality in the long term.

    Having a set of wheels built by our in-house wheel builder Ric – who is fully trained and qualified - ensures that your wheels will be straight, well-built and long-lasting, and made with the finest in professional tools.
    You can be picky... very picky

    As we mentioned earlier, unless you’re very lucky, you have to carefully choose where to invest your hard-earned money.

    The beauty of custom wheel builds is that you can choose which parts of the wheel you want to spend the most on – be it hubs, rims, spokes or anything else. This means that you get the best possible product for your budget, as opposed to blowing your money on a store-bought wheel of which only a few parts are compatible with your bike.

    Practical Cycles should be your only choice for wheel builds

    Practical Cycles stocks a wide range of wheel parts, which means you’re bound to walk away with a pair of custom wheels that are perfect for you.

    We can build road bike wheels, mountain bike wheels, hybrid bike wheels and even folding bike wheels, meaning that cyclists of all kinds can benefit from our high-quality, hand-built wheels.

    If you want to find out more about our wheel building service or are interested in any other product recommendations related to the extensive range that we offer online, please feel free to contact the Practical Cycles team.


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