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  • Investment in custom wheel builds comes with many advantages compared to purchasing your wheels 'off the shelf' from a store. However, not all custom wheel-building companies are equal.

    Some such companies may leave you feeling clueless as to which wheel parts are right for your bike, or – regardless of the benefits of a custom wheel build – may not have the skills and expertise required to assemble the wheel correctly.

    To avoid any problems when shopping around for custom wheel builds, we believe that enlisting the help of our team here at Practical Cycles is the best choice. Here's why.

    Our team is always happy to help

    Even if you’re a fairly experienced cyclist, the task of selecting the correct parts for a custom wheel build can be overwhelming. Purchase your custom-built wheels from Practical Cycles, and we guarantee that a member of our friendly team will assist with any queries that you may have.

    Creating the perfect wheel is effortless - for you!

    One of the primary benefits of a custom wheel build is the freedom to choose which parts of your wheel on which to spend the most money. With this in mind, we find it odd that a custom wheel building company wouldn’t offer its customers a wide array of parts from which to choose.

    The parts available for our custom wheel builds are from a range of leading brands and cater to all budgets and requirements, so you’re guaranteed to ride away from us 100% happy with your new set of wheels.

    You’re in safe hands

    As aforementioned, the fact that you are gaining wheels that are made to fit your exact needs doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be built by someone with the skills required for a safe, straight and long-lasting set of wheels.

    "I just wanted to say thanks for a great service, as before, a simple straightforward ordering & delivery process, and I'm very pleased with my new more efficient Dynamo.  Many many thanks"  Roger, Surrey, UK

    Shop with Practical Cycles, and your new wheels will be carefully hand-made by our fully trained and qualified wheel builder – Ric – for the very best accuracy, safety and durability.

    Contact the Practical Cycles team today to discover more about our custom wheel builds, or simply log onto the main site to try out our quick and easy-to-understand online custom wheelbuild configurator.


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