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  • Although Babboe may never stray from its roots as a family-orientated cargo bike company, that doesn't mean it is incapable of implementing the latest design developments and innovative ideas into its products to cater to a wider range of cycling needs.

    It is with this proviso that we introduce the Babboe Curve Mountain cargo trike to our range here at Practical Cycles. Based on the almost infallible Babboe Curve trike design, this model has been specially tailored for use on a range of terrains – but how, you may ask?

    Sturdy, safe and fun
    To make its timeless trike design more suitable for a range of environments compared to your average cargo bike, Babboe has taken several measures to maximise its sturdiness. With regard to the Curve Mountain's frame, for example, its already-sturdy structure is layered with several extra coats of shockproof powder coating. This bike is also fitted with an innovative anti-tip system, so you and your younger passengers can enjoy a worry-free ride.

    However, the Curve Mountain is also very fun to use, with much more to offer than mere stability. Any bumps throughout the ride may prove a hindrance, especially if you have fussy younger passengers. Thankfully, the Yamaha mid-drive motor helps you to conquer any minor obstacles in your way, while the three-point seatbelts keep your ‘cargo’ strapped in safely.

    For what other reasons should you choose the Curve Mountain?

    The box of the Babboe Curve Mountain cargo trike is curved. As well as ridding the box of any sharp edges – which ensures greater safety for younger passengers - this treatment improves sturdiness. These benefits apply to every Babboe product bearing ‘Curve’ in its title, but we feel that they are especially beneficial to the long, multi-terrain journeys that this bike will often make.

    Overall, the Babboe Curve Mountain cargo trike is a versatile vehicle that allows the user to travel longer distances with ease and without having to worry about any hills, bridges or other obstacles that one may encounter.

    We recommend contacting us or browsing our online product range to find out more about the Babboe Curve Mountain cargo trike or any of the other Babboe vehicles that we currently so proudly stock here at Practical Cycles.


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