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  • Babboe is famed for producing cargo bikes and trikes that are consistent in their high-quality design and joy of use. One of the most recent additions to this acclaimed and trusted brand's range – the Babboe City Mountain cargo bike – is no exception to this trend.

    A fun and sustainable form of transport for the whole family

    With an extra sturdy frame finished with layers of shockproof powder coating at its core, the Babboe City Mountain Cargo Bike is one of the hardiest cargo bikes on the market today.

    Perched on said frame is the iconic Babboe box. Made from robust European beech wood, the box has been specially pressed into a curved shape, which offers extra strength and safety – no sharp edges here!

    Within the box sits a bench that can accommodate two smaller passengers. After climbing through the mouse holes on the side of the box, they can be strapped in safely, thanks to two three-point seat belts.

    If at any point during your journey you find yourself needing an extra boost, the handy Yamaha mid-drive motor with additional force sensor offers a smooth cycling experience, whatever the obstacles in your way.

    Everything you need for a comfortable, safe and joyful journey

    Of course, the Babboe City Mountain cargo bike is already an efficient, reliable and pleasant product in itself, but it also comes with an array of optional extras to enhance use.

    A choice of comfortable toddler seats and cushions can be used with the box to improve the comfort of the ride for younger passengers, while a selection of rain covers and tents should prove invaluable for protecting your bike – and its ‘cargo’ – against the elements.

    Regardless of your reason for wanting to purchase a cargo trike – be it for work, pleasure or other transportation - here at Practical Cycles, we strongly endorse the Babboe City Mountain cargo bike.

    Whatever type of cargo cycling product you are looking for, Practical Cycles should be your first port of call. As a team of cargo bike experts and enthusiasts, we’re dedicated to getting as many people as possible safely riding cargo bikes – while also deriving plenty of practical use and enjoyment from them, of course.

    Just take a look at our extensive online range of cargo bikes now, or contact us if you require further assistance with choosing the most suitable product for you.


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