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  • Custom wheel builds may be one of our lesser-known service offerings here at Practical Cycles, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also one of our finest.

    As you’ll likely already know if you are a cargo bike enthusiast, a custom wheel build is essentially just that; you can pick and choose what parts you would like featured on your wheel, and a wheel builder gets to work on creating a wheel that is perfect for you and your cargo biking needs.

    However, we understand that you – like many – may see custom built wheels as something of an indulgence, rather than a necessity; they can often be quite costly, and may be much more difficult to source than your average store-bought set of wheels.

    Well, here at Practical Cycles, we are dead set on encouraging the purchase and use of custom-built wheels, hence why we’ve decided to compile a handy list of the main advantages that custom-built wheels have over their store-bought cousins.

    You’re in control of your cycling experience

    One of the many reasons why many cargo bike users prefer to use custom-built wheels is so that they can tailor what specific parts feature in their wheel to suit their most bespoke requirements, as opposed to simply buying a wheel in a store that only consists of a few suitable parts.

    For example, a cargo cyclist who is especially interested in making their bike quicker may find that part x is great for speed, while part y isn’t. Buying a store bought wheel that features both part x and part y will impact their performance to an unknown degree.

    If they were to opt for a store-bought wheel, though, that person could still include part x, but could request to have part y replaced with something that doesn’t have a detrimental effect on speed.

    Made with care for a result that lasts

    Although the machines that make bike wheels are efficient and precise, we believe that nothing beats the care, love and time offered by an experienced wheel builder. Having your wheel built by hand makes for a straighter, more secure wheel that will see you right for years to come.

    All custom wheel builds here at Practical Cycles are undertaken by our fully trained and qualified wheel builder, Ric. You can count on him – and the rest of the Practical Cycles team – to help ensure that every ride you take on a cargo bike is precisely as you desire.

    So, what are you waiting for? If it's custom wheel builds that you require, Practical Cycles really should be your only choice!


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