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  • Every member of the team here at Practical Cycles is a dedicated cargo bike enthusiast and experts who use their own bike as often as possible during their daily life. They use them for the school run, to get from A to B and to perform various other errands.

    However, if you haven’t had a cargo bike in your life for a long time – or at all – it can be difficult to know how to get the most from your latest purchase. So, who better is there to outline the many great things that you can do with your cargo bike than us?

    Unique wheels for a unique rider

    As you’ll most likely know by now, here at Practical Cycles, we offer our very own handbuilt wheels service, courtesy of our fully trained, qualified and experienced wheel builder.

    It may seem like an unnecessary thing to invest in, but only after creating and using a wheel that matches your exact needs, will you be truly using and enjoying your bike to its maximum potential.

    Accessories – a wise investment to make

    We believe it’s always worth investing in accessories that are compatible with your cargo bike. A prime example is the wide array of rain covers and tents that we offer, and which help to protect your bike – and its passengers – against the elements.
    These covers protect the box of the bike while not in use, but can also help to protect small amounts of cargo from the rain. If you are transporting children with your bike, a rain tent allows you to do so in all weather.

    There’s also the likes of lights, saddles and countless other accessories that can improve the practicality of your bike, as well as such items as cushions, clothing and child seats for enhancing the comfort of you and your passengers. Whatever accessories you choose to buy from us here at Practical Cycles, we guarantee they will help you to enjoy your bike to the absolute fullest.

    You won't regret purchasing a cargo bike

    Remember that there are all kinds of inventive ways to use your cargo bike. You might use yours for the school run, to pick up groceries or simply as a healthier, more enjoyable and more sustainable alternative to driving for pleasure – it’s all down to your imagination.

    For more information on anything concerning cargo bikes, please don’t hesitate to contact us - or take a look at our full online product range to see just what incredible cargo bikes and related products we can offer you right now.


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