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  • A custom wheel build can make all of the difference to your cargo bike  

    Whether you use your cargo bike most often for recreational purposes or your day-to-day commute, the right wheels are crucial. They are the parts of your cargo bike, after all, that are in constant contact with the ground, so you will need to be able to trust them.

    The sheer importance of the right wheels is presumably why custom handbuilt wheels are such a popular option among our customers here at Practical Cycles.

    Don't just choose any old wheels from a bog-standard cycle store - instead, come to us for a bespoke service that brings you the following advantages...

    Improved safety

    Whatever parts you choose for your wheel, investing in a custom wheel crafted by an experienced, trained and qualified wheel builder will do wonders for your safety while you are on your bike.

    Custom wheel builds are often straighter and much more durable than your run-of-the-mill store-bought wheels, giving you maximum stability while riding and as a result, a much safer ride.

    Furthermore, purchasing custom built wheels from Practical Cycles guarantees that the wheels will be made by a human with a wealth of expertise and care.

    A wheel tailored to your exact needs

    Every cyclist is different and has different requirements and preferences when it comes to cycling. It could be that you are looking for a bike that can be ridden at high speeds, or that you would prefer a bike capable of transporting a fair amount of cargo.

    Whatever it is that you may wish for as a cyclist, a custom wheel build can be specially made to cater to those needs. Although it is obviously possible to go to a store to purchase wheels made with speed, style or durability specifically in mind, it may be that the cyclist desires a particular combination of hub, rim and spokes.

    Whatever the situation, custom handbuilt wheels allow for the utmost in customization, which ensures that you ride away on a set of perfect wheels that will also last for a fair amount of time.

    In short, custom handbuilt wheels are just worth it - and if you want to discover for yourself precisely how "worth it", you can find out about the ordering process by clicking through to the section of our site dedicated to custom wheelbuilds.

    Why wait any longer to make your dream cargo bike wheel possible with Practical Cycles?


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