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  • The schoolrun has begun again and more families are taking to two (and three) wheels for the new school year. You too can leave the car behind and avoid the stress and hassle of the schoolrun - we have the bikes to help you do this!

    One such bike that has just arrived in stock is the Xtracycle Edgerunner. We also have good stock of the Xtraycycle Freeradical and all associated accessories. It's time be more bike, Cargo Bike!


    The Xtracycle Edgerunner is the result of several years development. Xtracycle have built upon the success of the Freeradical (a kit that adapts your bike to carry 2 children and more) and designed the Edgerunner; a smart, modular, safe and stable way of carrying your two children plus the shopping.

    Stock is limited but starting at £1379.99 and in two sizes and levels of spec,  it offers a healthy, safe and fun way of getting around your local community without clogging the streets with fumes or traffic.

    We have an Edgerunner available for test rides right now - what are you waiting for?!

    Maderna Truck

    The Maderna is a serious cargo carrying bike. We've had lots of interest from established and start-up businesses since we received our first Maderna just a month or so ago.

    The Maderna Truck comes in two sizes - XL and XXL. It is the perfect Cargo Bike for those wanting to haul heavy and/or bulky loads. It will accept Pallets and Euro crates and is perfect for commercial and local authority use.

    Plus, there's also the bonus of rear suspension which makes for a comfortable ride for the one pedalling but also a safe, secure and rattle-free ride for the cargo.

    We have the XXL verision available for demo in our showroom - book your test ride today!

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