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  • As leading cargo bike specialists, we founded Practical Cycles to let more people in on the secret of these fantastic new bikes. We’ve travelled all over the world to find the best cargo bikes on offer, investigating such diverse locations as Tokyo, San Francisco, Copenhagen and Cambridge. Wherever we went, people were trying to cycle with loads that their bikes just couldn’t accommodate, so putting people in touch with the bike of the future became our biggest motivation to start the company.

    Cargo bikes are a modern solution to 21st and increasing awareness over the dangers of carbon emissions, we understand that people are sensibly looking for ways to take small journeys without having to resort to a car. Well, cargo bikes aren’t just low power – they’re no power! Yet, they still cater for today’s busy individual. Cargo bikes are fit for a variety of needs – they’re perfect for child transportation, deliveries or simply bringing home the shopping.

    Of course, there’s also the benefit that cycling during the day can keep you trim. Our cargo bikes are so easy and pleasant to ride, it won’t even cross your mind that you’re exercising. You’ll now be able to use your evenings to kick back with friends and family, instead of sweating it out at the gym!

    We really do think that as many people as possible should be riding cargo bikes, but we’re not motivated by money or overexpansion. We recently moved to roomy new premises (and created this lovely website for online shoppers), but we’ve taken our small business attitude with us. We have a close-knit team of staff members dedicated to everything from website-management to building our high quality hub geared wheels, and each one of them is devoted to doing the best job they can for the customer. We stand behind a small, sustainable business model, instead of constantly looking for additional profit.

    Feel free to check out our fantastic range of cargo bikes: we guarantee that our selection contains a bike to cater to your needs. Our varied inventory is unrivalled in the UK, and so is our knowledge of this industry, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have – we’re cargo bike specialists and are here to help!

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