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  • We've always been such great proponents of cargo bikes here at Practical Cycles, not just for the ability that they give you to transport people and goods cost-effectively, but also all of the advantages that they bring that you would associate with any kind of bike. There's nothing quite like feeling that bracing outdoor air on your way to and from work, as well as on the school run, in the knowledge that you're also making yourself fitter and healthier.

    As you can see here on the Practical Cycles site, we stock a lot of cargo bike brands, but we're especially proud of our selection of Christiania trikes. This Danish company has been offering its cargo bikes under the Christiania brand since 1978, with the last three decades having seen a revolutionary change in family transport in Copenhagen as a result. Now, a quarter of families in the Danish city who have two or more children also own a tricycle.

    Unsurprisingly, such success has seen the Christiania trike imported far and wide, and when you're in need of a UK Christiania cargo bike retailer, you really can't do better than Practical Cycles. Right now, we give you three options for a Christiania trike: the Sloping Box, Straight Box and LONG Box. The first of those is, of course, the least expensive and is very much the classic model of Christiania trike, enabling you to easily carry one or two children and a bit of shopping in a nippy, lightweight package.

    Even this so-called 'basic' model of Christiania cargo bike incorporates such features as a seven speed Shimano Nexus internal hub gear, a rear Shimano coaster brake, front mechanical disk brakes on each wheel, highly puncture-resistant Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, a lightweight aluminium frame and stainless steel mudguards. This is without even considering such advisable optional extras as a Bugatti Panorama Hood to fit the sloping box, a wooden bench, lights and 'Y' belts for extra security. Every Christiania model can also be specified with electric assist.

    Opt for the Straight Box model, and you'll be able to carry up to four children and/or a bit more shopping, while the LONG Box version is very much the ultimate model. At 30cm longer than the Straight or Sloping Box, this trike allows as many as six children to be safely transported. It's also the Christiania trike to go for if you are intending to purchase one for business purposes - such as for delivery, ice cream, food vending or as a mobile coffee stall.

    As you can imagine, many people in the UK who would like to travel more conveniently and affordably, but still practically, are buying themselves a Christiania trike. Take a look at our range here at Practical Cycles today, and you'll see why we are building a reputation as possibly the UK's premier Christiania cargo bike retailer.

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