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  • Cyclists all over the world are sidestepping motor vehicles and conventional bicycles in favour of quality cargo bikes.

    Cargo bikes are also known as freight bicycles and allow you to transport various goods around with you, without damaging the environment or spending your hard-earned money on fuel. These eco-friendly bikes are ideal for anyone hoping to keep themselves fit while doing their bit for the environment. What's more is that they are a safer alternative to various modes of transportation, not least as they do not generate sparks.

    Opt for a cargo bike and you won’t need to worry about paying for fuel, even if you do have

    various bulky items to move from location-to-location. The popularity of cargo bikes is growing all of the time and they are a common sight in many different countries, including the Netherlands and Denmark.

    Here at Practical Cycles, we are passionate about encouraging people to invest in cargo bikes. Cycling keeps us healthy and helps us to do our bit for the environment, but conventional cycles do not always permit us to transport weighty loads. Cargo bikes may be the answer if you wish to transport many different items around with you without fuss or great expense.

    We have visited a number of countries with a strong bicycle culture and have seen cargo bikes become an increasingly common sight. We’re hoping to play a significant part in the rise of cargo bikes in the UK and have built a diverse catalogue of cargo bicycles. If you’re a keen cyclist but feel restricted by the amount of goods that you can carry on your bicycle, why not switch to a cargo bike from our extensive range?

    Many of us are carrying more things around with us than ever today, including not only devices such as laptops and tablets, but the weekly shopping too. We stock bikes, trailers, parts and accessories at some of the most competitive prices you’ll see anywhere in the UK, and from some of the most acclaimed brands around, including Xtracycle and Christiania.

    Why pay over the odds for public transport and fuel when you can get around quickly and safely with quality cargo bikes? You can get in touch with our expert team at any time if you have any queries about the products that we stock, and with such a vast range available, we’re confident that we can help you to find something suitable.

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