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  • Xtracycle was founded in 1999 to bring practical, affordable and attractive cargo bikes to people all over the world. The company used every bit of it experience within the industry – and the extensive feedback that it received from users - to develop the Xtracycle Edgerunner, and the result is a cargo bike that is truly magnificent.

    This frame is 100% Chromoly, a high carbon steel that is extremely strong and light. This means that the Edgerunner isn’t nearly as heavy as most other cargo bikes on the market, so tasks like cycling uphill and bringing the bike to a full stop are much easier than you would expect.

    The Edgerunner has also been given a more upright and efficient ride position, making the ride quality comparable to a standard bike. Xtracycle has always been committed to making riding a cargo bike feel just like riding a traditional bike, and the company finally seems to have managed it. In fact, every part of this bike’s construction has been carefully considered, with every part being of the highest quality.

    Here at Practical Cycles, we can supply both the Edgerunner 24D and the Edgerunner 27D. The 24D is a 24-speed bike with a fantastic gear range to make sure you can keep riding on all gradients, also incorporating high quality disc brakes that allow you to stop quickly and safety. The 27D pushes everything to the next level, with Shimano Deore gears, Avid mechanical disc brakes and a headset designed to reduce flex in your frame. This is a bike made for people who want the best.

    Each model is available in various colours: Black Out, Zone Blue, Vitamin Orange and Playa White. To make sure people of all sizes are able to enjoy this product, we can supply Edgerunners in a range of sizes, from 16.5" to 19.5". All orders include Edgerunner racks and a flightdeck, completely free of charge. However, you can also customise your bike with a wide selection of accessories, including running boards, child seats, stirrups and side cars.

    For more information on the Xtracycle Edgerunner or any of our products here at Practical Cycles, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today.

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