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  • Surly is a big name in the world of bikes, and as for the bikes themselves, well, they don't come much bigger than the Surly Big Dummy. We'd get exhausted listing all of the great reasons to own one of these very attractive cargo bikes, but let's have a go anyway.

    First of all, it's far from a Johnny-come-lately in the world of cargo bikes, even if cargo bikes themselves have rather exploded into fashion as of late. Secondly, it's certainly a Practical little number, living up to our company name, in large part thanks to the use of the Longtail standard design platform that allows you to add both Surly and Xtracycle accessories.

    The accessories that you add to your Surly Big Dummy will naturally largely depend on what you intend to carry in it - after all, it's good for groceries, lamps, mannequins, guitars, shovels, bags of charcoal or mulch... and those are just the things that Surly itself has suggested. Phew!

    Such is the level of customisation of the Big Dummy that Surly encourages, that you are able to build your own or, of course, just go for the complete ready-built bike. Naturally, we give you both options here at Practical Cycles. The finished bike really does give you a bit of everything that you could possibly desire in a cargo bike, and with us, you'll get it at a competitive price as well.

    One definite advantage of the Surly Big Dummy is that it is a dedicated single-piece frame, rather than an add-on to a bike already out there. This assures you of a stouter bike with greater resistance to torsional flex, meaning that it is almost guaranteed to offer superior ride quality and longevity to that longbike add-on that you may have been considering.

    The frame of the Surly Big Dummy is made from steel and incorporates so many of the features that you will be familiar with if you have owned a Surly bike in the past, such as the necessary clearance for the larger tyres and common component sizing. About 90kg or 200 pounds of cargo can be transported in one of these, which is very impressive indeed.

    The great news is that whether you're on the lookout for the complete Surly Big Dummy itself, or instead just the cargo kit, bags, deck, frameset or rails, you'll definitely find it here at Practical Cycles. We're too good to all of you Surly Big Dummy fans out there - and we know that there are a lot of you.

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