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    In a recent blog post, we discussed our impressive range of custom wheel builds, and about how they make such a sound purchase for those who are more confident with the building of their own cargo bike. Alternatively, you might just fancy a change of hub for all manner of reasons - performance, longevity, appearance... the list goes on.

    Of all of the brands that are represented in our complete range of custom wheel builds, we couldn't possibly choose a favourite, any more than we could choose a favourite child. However, we are especially confident in recommending the offerings of Shimano - after all, there's a reason why we stock not only the Shimano Nexus hub, but also the Shimano Dynamo and Alfine hubs.


    Whichever Shimano hub you choose, buying from Practical Cycles is extremely simple and fast. All that you have to do is choose a hub, then a rim, then spokes, and then a spoke pattern. You can then add rim tape and/or other extras. You should bear in mind that there is no fitting kit, sprocket or shifter included with a Shimano hub, although they can still be optionally added to your wheelbuild order from the long list of extras.

    Just to give you an idea of the degree of choice that we offer here at Practical Cycles, if you opt for our Shimano Nexus hub, your hub options will range from the 3 speed with coaster brake or roller brake, to the 8 speed with coaster brake, roller brake or V brakes. As for your rim choices, you might plump for something like the Rigida Sputnik 26" 36h in silver or black, or the more expensive (but lighter) Mavic Open Pro (700c) 36h, again available in silver or black.

    The choices for spokes for the Shimano Nexus hub are also attractive, including the likes of the Sapim Race double buitted stainless steel or the Sapim Leader plain guage stainless steel both available in silver or black to match your bike. You can also choose between a one cross, two cross or three cross spoke pattern or leave your choice to our expert wheelbuilder. Then, there's the full range of extras to consider, comprising the likes of rim tape, 3 speed fitting parts and an 8 speed shifter and cable. Available sprocket sizes range from 16t to 23t.

    With the Shimano Nexus hub alone offering all of these options alongside the highest standard of design and hand building and even competitive pricing when ordered from Practical Cycles, we reckon you'll find no better custom wheel build for your Cargo, Town, Dutch or Hybrid bike.

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