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  • We have a very extensive range of custom wheelbuilds on offer here at Practical Cycles, so why choose Sturmey-Archer hub gear over such formidable competition? It's a very simple situation - there's no company quite like Sturmey-Archer for delivering tried and tested design excellence in its cycling hubs. Plus, here at Practical Cycles, you really do have the complete range of options.

    Sturmey-Archer can trace its history back to the Nottingham of 1902, when it was founded by Henry Sturmey and James Archer. The company was originally based in Raleigh Street, and sure enough, the duo were initially guided in their venture by Frank Bowden, then the Raleigh Bicycle Company's principal owner. Much more interesting than the company's beginnings for modern-day hub gear buyers, however, is what the firm then went on to do.

    The creation of the first Sturmey-Archer three-speed bicycle gear hub in 1902 kick-started what has so far been more than a century of continuous innovation in internal gear hubs, hub brakes and dynamo lighting. The movement of production to Taiwan in 2000 has only helped to make Sturmey-Archer hub gear even higher quality and more innovative than its rivals.

    Today, if you want to see just how much difference Sturmey-Archer hub gear could make to your own cycle, you only need to look at our online custom wheelbuild configurator for this strong-selling manufacturer. The process of buying such hub gear via the Practical Cycles website is very simple - you just need to select your hub, rim, spokes and spoke pattern, followed by the addition of rim tape if desired.

    No other online store presents you with as much choice for the finer details of your Sturmey-Archer hub gear as Practical Cycles. Options for the hub itself include the likes of the S2C Kickshift, the SRK-3 DISK, XL-RD5(w) with 90mm Drum Brake, these being just a few from a very long list. These complement such rim options as the Mavic Open Pro (700c), the Rigida China 700c or, for the traditionalist, Westwood Chrome rim for rod and drum brakes.

    Then, there are the available spoke options to consider like the Sapim Race double butted and Sapim Leader Plain Gauge, both in stainless steel. As much as we hate to brag, we really do feel that such choice makes ourselves here at Practical Cycles the best online source of Sturmey-Archer hub gear for your bicycle. And when you conside that your wheel bwill be lovingly handbuilt by a human being not a machine - this is surely all the more reason to place your order today!

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