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  • Why should you solely accept the old-fashioned way of powering your bicycle - the sweaty, grunty exertions of your own feet on the pedals - when there's the option of a well-placed electric boost? We are, of course, referring to our electric assist bikes and kits that are yet more sound reasons to shop for all things bicycle-related from ourselves here at Practical Cycles.

    As with all of our other ranges, electric assist cargo bikes and kits from Practical Cycles certainly come in many different shapes, sizes and price points. Given how much we value the most refined and efficient bicycle electric drive systems, however, it should be no surprise just how prominent BionX's offerings are in our range.

    You might turn to Practical Cycles for the BionX Battery - DL, a spare battery that combines downtube frame fitting, Li-Ion cells and a range of approximately 80 kilometres. Or what about this brand's impressive range of such electric assist kits as the SL250 DL, DX, RL and RX? These complete in-demand electric assist bike kits encompass such components as a hub motor, fitting kit, LCD display and rack mount battery.

    As we wouldn't want you to have to stray to other online stores just to find the other accessories and equipment that you need from BionX, we've built up a formidable range ourselves here at Practical Cycles. Are you by any chance in the market for a BionX SL Motor freewheel or cassette, for instance, with its nominal power of 250W, torque of 9 / 40 Nm and light weight of 3.5kg?

    Yes, we stock that, and the same applies to such other BionX offerings as the G2 Console, Downtube Battery Dock, Throttle Module and Charger, which we stock at competitive prices and can despatch quickly. You can even trust us for the latest BionX innovation, the sleek black DSeries that comprises a brushless and gearless motor design and the new largest capacity (555Wh / 11.6Ah) DV battery.

    Naturally, we don't just offer electric assist bike kits from BionX, with the Sunstar iBike SO3 Battery and Sunstar iBike SO3 Electric Assist Bicycle Crank Drive KIT also taking pride of place in our range at the time of typing. Get in touch with us now or peruse the online range to learn more about how these ingenious devices function, and why Practical Cycles should be the only online store that you depend on for electric assist Cargo Bike kits.

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