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  • In today's world in which the running costs of a car continue to spiral and parents are considering new ways in which to efficiently transport their children from A to B, it's no surprise that so many more people are turning to family-sized trikes like those of the Nihola brand. Sure enough, here at Practical Cycles, we offer not only two seat, but also four seat and six seat variants of this popular model, along with the associated accessories.

    You would surely expect nothing less of such a complete online bike shop as Practical Cycles! Nihola's trikes answer to so many of the needs that one could have from a family trike, partly because the company has been making them since its foundation. Indeed, Nihola's story begins in 1998, when mechanical engineer Niels Holme Larsen visited a bike exhibition in Copenhagen. The next day, he read a critic's comment in the Danish newspaper, Politiken, that bicycles would need to be able to simultaneously transport two children and groceries to compete with cars.

    This spurred Larsen into building his own such bicycle, with the Nihola brand being known for its high quality family trikes ever since. Even the standard Nihola Family Trike that we stock, for example, incorporates such features as a steel frame with a very high quality double impact resistant powder coating, tough wheels - 26" at the rear and 20" at the front - and virtually puncture-proof tyres. It also comes with a tool-free adjustable height saddle, parking brake and frame lock.

    But don't forget that we also offer the Nihola Low Trike that is based on the same chassis as the Family Trike, mainly differing in its shorter box and the frame's low step through height that makes it ideal for riders with mobility difficulties. Nihola has also recently developed the 4.0 Family Trike, which can be specified with two benches for the comfortable transportation of up to four children. We also stock the Big Family Trike that can seat as many as six children - and there's even a dedicated Dog Trike that can be configured for purely dog transportation or for dual family and dog use.

    Plus, of course, you can also turn to our online bike shop for the most comprehensive selection of Nihola trike accessories including a lights set, child seat mounting bracket and spare 'Y belt' three point harness. In short, if you need any and all things related to Nihola's acclaimed family trikes, we're the online store to which to turn here at Practical Cycles! So take a look at our range now to see just how much such a trike could transform your own family life.

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