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  • Here at Practical Cycles, we take a lot of pride in helping all kinds of people to 'get into bikes' - they might not have ever thought they'd abandon their car, thinking that taking a bike or trike to work is the kind of thing that they do in Amsterdam - not over here in the UK. The times are changing even on these shores, though, as evidenced in part by our own success with a broad product range.

    We established our business after visiting various cities around the world that have a bicycle- friendly culture, and the experience and knowhow that we have gathered is certainly apparent in our extremely broad range of bikes, trikes and cycle trailers for sale. Trikes are a particularly big thing for us here at Practical Cycles, and sure enough, we offer every popular model from the Babboe Big Trike to the Christiania Light Trike - Sloping Box.

    There are certain models that we reckon we should especially highlight, if only to highlight how we really do have a trike to cater for every conceivable requirement. For example, if you need your trike to carry not only two to six children but also shopping, you really can't do better than the Christiania Trike LONG Box. With its features including 3, 7 or 8 speed Shimano Nexus internal hub gear, a rear Shimano coaster brake and front mechanical disk brakes on each wheel, it is also a fine trike for business use - such as a mobile coffee stall or for food vending.

    But we also offer some interesting bicycles like the Circe Helios Aurora Tandem and the Kemper Filibus, the latter potentially perfect for the school run or for getting groceries. Oh, and we also have a few cycle trailers for sale, like the Surly Ted Trailer, with its flat bed that can be easily customised to fit a variety of boxes. Then, there are such other accessories that we offer as the Surly Big Dummy Frameset and Xtracycle Freeradical Kit, the latter all that you need to convert pretty much any 26" bike into an Xtracycle.

    What about that for an impressive selection of bikes, trikes and cycle trailers for sale? If you're looking to discover the many pleasures of bike riding for more practical purposes, you've definitely come to the right place here at Practical Cycles.

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