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  • As wonderful as children are, becoming a mother or father does have certain drawbacks. For one thing, you've got no choice but to wave goodbye to your former carefree single life - those all-night benders, the expenditure of way too much of your hard-earned on designer-label clothing, being able to hop on a bike to work... no, wait. That last one isn't quite right. What about our own fantastically child-friendly bikes and accessories here at Practical Cycles?

    The happy truth is that you don't need to bid a sad farewell to your previous cheap transportation. Safe cycling with children is possible when you invest in a suitable bike or trike like our very own Babboe Curve Trike. This particular trike is certainly a striking little number, thanks to its moulded beech wood panels. However, it also boasts an impressive specification encompassing front and rear roller brakes, a sealed chaincase and Shimano Nexus gears.


    Most importantly of all, though, the Babboe Curve Trike also seats as many as four children in comfort - while still costing only a tiny fraction of what a brand new family car would set you back! Similar things can be said of our wider range of child-friendly bikes and trikes. You can have as many as six kids, for instance, and still have room for them in our fabulous Christiania LONG Box Trike, which combines its commodious seating space with the likes of 3, 7 or 8 speed Shimano Nexus internal hub gear and a rear Shimano coaster brake.

    When purchasing one of our child-friendly bikes or trikes, don't forget that you can also specify various extras for maximum convenience and safety. The aforementioned Christiania trike, for example, can be ordered with 'Y' belts for added security, a front access door that enables the child to board more easily and a front propstand that ensures greater stability, the latter preventing the trike tipping forwards when your child is climbing on board.

    Oh, and we couldn't discuss safe cycling with children on this dear site without also picking out a few of the accessories that you can buy separately from us, in order to make your existing ride suitable for travel as a parent. From baby seats that have been specifically designed for box bikes like the popular Bakfiets, Babboe or Christiania models, to the likes of the Steco Buggy Mee Deluxe that attaches to most rear pannier racks and the GMG Eurofix Rear Child Seat Brace, we really do offer every vital child-friendly accessory.

    If you want to continue cycling even with a child or six in tow, Practical Cycles is here to help with the complete selection of high quality, but affordable bikes, trikes and accessories.

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