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  • Although taking your dog on a bike ride may seem like a bizarre concept at first, those who try it often wonder why they never thought of it before.

    A wave of dog-friendly bicycles has appeared on the market over recent years, with an increasing number of dog owners seeing riding with their dogs as the best way to cycle. There are many products available that can make cycling with your dog in tow a pleasant experience for all concerned - not least the equipment available from ourselves here at Practical Cycles.

    Yes, it really is possible to carry your dog on a bike, allowing your canine companion to experience all of the joy of cycling. Whether you're heading to a nearby park or somewhere further afield, you can travel in style and comfort by getting the right bike and associated equipment for the job.

    Maybe you don't have a car? Then a dog-friendly cycle can help you to get to the vets and back without having to rely on anyone for a lift. As long as you start off slowly at first to avoid worrying your pet, there's no reason why your activities shouldn't be a success. Why leave your dog at home during your next day out, when you simply don't need to?

    Here at Practical Cycles, we make life easier for people who want to do more whilst out cycling. We specialise in selling practical and versatile cargo bikes and are passionate about helping people get out into the great outdoors.

    Our company was founded after we experienced the wonderful cycling cultures of cities like Amsterdam and Tokyo first-hand. We aimed to fill a gap in the market after realising just how difficult it was to cycle and transport heavy loads at the same time.  

    Today, we are able to offer a huge range of cargo bikes, designed to suit a wealth of needs, whether you have animals, children or heavy loads to transport. Our bikes are used all over the world, and we believe that we now offer one of the widest ranges of demo cargo bikes in the country.

    Why not get in touch with Practical Cycles or browse our online product range today to find out more about how we can assist you in getting the exercise that you need while also carrying heavy items, people and pets around with you?

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