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  • Help is at hand if you're interested in obtaining a school run bike. Transporting your children to school in this manner can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and introduce your kids to the concept of cycling to get around.

    A growing number of parents are investing in school run bikes in order to avoid the stress, cost and inconvenience of car transport in the morning. School run bikes from the right manufacturers and suppliers are much safer than you might think. More and more parents and children are beginning to realise that travelling by bike is often the best way to negotiate the school run.

    Are you getting enough exercise? If not, taking your child to school via cargo bike could be an ideal move. Head to your child's school via bike and your little ones will be able to experience the joy of cycling, too. Whether you lack a car for any reason or simply don't wish to depend on one at rush hour, using a bike can take so much stress and hassle out of your daily commute.

    Why not get in touch with Practical Cycles today if you require advice on buying the right school run bike for your needs? Indeed, we feature a number of of school run and family bikes in our catalogue. Our family bikes don't need to be used just for the school run, as you can also make use of them at the weekends and during the holidays. Using a school run bike will help your child or children to become used to cycling and hopefully encourage them to take it up themselves when they are older.

    Practical Cycles was founded to help people do more while cycling. We offer a vast range of practical, versatile and safe cargo bikes that make heading into the outdoors a joy. Our bikes are robust, long-lasting and built from high quality materials, our current product range having been inspired by the cycling culture of cities like Tokyo and Amsterdam.

    We'd love to hear from you today if you would like to find out more about our range of school run and family cargo bikes, so why not drop us a line today?

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