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  • Despite the improbably chic image that they conjure up in the mind, bikes carrying dogs have become an increasingly common sight in UK towns and cities. As it happens, there are many advantages to taking your dog out with you when you go cycling!

    After all, dogs are incredibly sociable animals that don't usually like being left home alone for long periods of time, which could make it a great move to take your furry friend with you when embarking on a day in the great outdoors. A large number of dog-friendly bicycles can now be found on the market, and there are many reputable suppliers that can help you if you would like to finally carry your dog on a bike - Practical Cycles being one of them!

    It is easier than ever to introduce your pet to the joys of cycling. You may wish to start off small by taking them to a local park or field to see whether they are comfortable travelling in this manner. If the signs from this are good, it may be a good idea to start heading further away from home. We can assist you in finding the right bike for the job that will keep both yourself and your pet comfortable.

    Talk to us today if you are keen to do more while cycling with your dog or other substantial cargo. We built our business to cater for people who wish to carry heavy loads, people and pets with them when out and about, inspired by the cycling cultures of cities around the world.

    We offer versatile, practical cargo bikes that help you to get more done when you are next out in the open air. Our products make it easy to cycle and transport even the most awkward loads around with you, and you can get in touch with us at any time if you have any queries about taking your pets along on your bicycle commutes.

    Our Nihola Dog Trike is perfect for transporting your animal. It is based on our family Trike but comes with a hinged front door that makes it easy for your pet to get in the box. The Trike can be configured for dual family and dog use if you wish – speak to us to find out more about making the most of this product.

    You can even choose from various different coloured box panels for our Nihola Dog Trike - so why not find out more about this model and our other pet-themed cycles and accessories by contacting us today?

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