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  • It was love at first sight when we first encountered Urban Arrow cargo bikes in Germany a few years back. The cargo bike received the red dot award at the Eurobike Bicycle Trade Show that year for the family version.

    The bike was an innovative departure from most generic cargo bikes due its exciting design and use of various modern materials. The bike has an unusual but impressive aluminium frame, which allows us to stand up to everything modern life can throw at it. Despite this, it remains much lighter than many other cargo bikes on the market.

    The box on this bike is also highly innovative, being made from shockproof foam EPP, while the aluminium frame keeps your children extremely safe as you travel. The bike impresses in terms of both its functionality and aesthetics, containing various features not commonly seen with two-wheeled family bikes, such as a raintent that protects the pedaller from the elements.

    The bike seats up to four kids as well as their luggage. The electric assist system comes courtesy of the iconic innovators at Bosch, with the bike using low-maintenance Nuvinci N360 continuously variable gearing. A low saddle means that the pedaller is able to keep their feet firmly on the ground when traffic comes to a standstill, without their comfort levels dipping.

    This is a bike built for the future – you can separate the front of the bike from the rear and easily exchange the front child-carrying box for another kind of box when it is no longer needed. Accessories designed to help you derive as much value as possible from our bike include a raintent, flat box cover, adaptor for fitting a Yepp child seat, luggage net and full bike cover.Here at Practical Cycles, we are passionate about sourcing exceptional cargo bikes from all around the world. We scour the globe to find the most impressive, innovative cargo bikes to help you achieve more while you cycle, whether you are transporting people or goods. You can get in touch with us at any point if you require help with identifying the right cargo bike for your specific needs, so why not get in touch today?

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