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  • With Surly already being known for its sturdy, trustworthy bikes and accessories, the latest Surly Bill &Ted trailers are no exception to the Minnesota brand’s reliable range of products.

    Meet 'Bill & Ted'! Bill is one trailer out of the range, and Ted is the other. Ted is the smallest of the two, measuring in at 813mm x 610mm (32” x 24”), while Bill comes in at a whopping 1608mm x 610mm (3.3” x 24”). Which of these trailers you choose depends on how much space you have to store it, as well as what you intend to use the trailer for.



    The base of both trailers is made from TIG-welded 4130 Cro-moly steel. This type of steel is so durable that it is often used in the aircraft and aerospace industries, never mind for merely carting luggage around! The 16” wheels may look small, but they are also super-efficient at bearing heavy loads.

    The load bed of both Surly Bill & Ted trailers is completely flat. Threaded bosses on the trailer allow you to bolt most things to it, whether that be a wooden base or a box to transport equipment in.  You really can carry almost anything with Surly!

    Both trailers require their own, unique hitch, also made by Surly. This hitch is adaptable to most bikes and is extremely durable. It must be purchased separately to the trailers, yet the trailers are unusable without it.

    Almost whatever you decide to lug around, Surly will have you covered. However, we would strongly advise you against using either of these trailers to transport humans or animals.

    Why buy from Surly and Practical Cycles?

    Surly has over 15' years experience in the bike industry, and knows exactly what makes for a strong, durable, yet comfortable and functional bike.

    Practical Cycles, meanwhile, is a small business committed to selling cargo bikes. We are passionate about biking, and noticed a gap in the market for practical, safe cargo bikes that could actually carry their loads, which prompted the setup of this comprehensive online store.  

    For more information on us, our products, or any aspect of our service here at Practical Cycles, please feel free to contact our friendly, helpful and bike-mad team today.

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