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  • Kemper continuously produces new innovations in cargo bikes and their design. The Lorri offers a 60kg carrying capacity, despite being less than the size of a normal bike, while the Filibus Plus provides over 100kg of cargo accommodation and now, the PackMax Duo - one of the most family-friendly cargo bikes ever manufactured - has become available.

    An ideal cargo bike for large families

    The Kemper PackMax Duo affords you the opportunity to install not one, not two, but three child seats onto the bike. The rear rack of the bike can accommodate two child seats, but a small child seat can also be fitted to the handlebar stem, in addition to leaving room for some cargo.

    But what would a cargo bike be without cargo-carrying abilities? If you choose to leave the kids at home, the rear rack of the bike can handle a 75kg cargo load, while the front rack can handle 30kg.

    Regardless of what you choose to use the bike’s amazing load capabilities for, be it transporting shopping or taking the kids for a ride, you are guaranteed a smooth ride, an amazing and reliable braking system and a cargo bike that will see you and your family right for years to come.

    Kemper: a brand that you can rely on

    Kemper possesses more than 25 years' experience in the bike industry, and has never failed to deliver pioneering and efficient cargo cycles. Based in the Netherlands, one of the cycling capitals of the world, Kemper has refined its designs to the needs of people who cycle frequently.

    Whatever you plan to use the PackMax Duo for, you should make sure you purchase it through Practical Cycles. We are committed purely to selling cargo bikes, as we believe that this environmentally sustainable, practical and enjoyable method of transport should be adopted by as many people as possible.

    We have a wide range of cargo bikes and folding bikes to choose from; all efficient at what they do, all enjoyable to ride and all available for a fair price.

    For more information on the Kemper PackMax Duo or any more of our products, feel free to contact our friendly and bike-mad team today.


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