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  • Kemper is famed in the world of cargo bikes for its innovative designs that work just as effectively in real life as they do on paper. The Kemper Filibus is one of the more traditional of Kemper’s designs, but traditional doesn’t necessarily mean ordinary.

    An ordinary cargo bike made extraordinary

    The Filibus is based on the traditional cargo bike design and was a revelation when it was first released back in 1992. It didn’t have the same ‘heavy’ feel as cargo bikes often did back then, and handled much more like an ordinary cycle, while still having the necessary cargo-carrying capabilities.

    The gross weight capacity for the bike is 250kg, while the front rack holds 75kg and the rear 25 kg.  Filibus is ideal for use as a delivery bike or as a way to transport shopping. If you wish, you can attach a child seat to the front or rear cargo rack, to use the bike for child transportation or for school runs.

    As well as great cargo-carrying capabilities, the bike is equipped with an efficient and reliable braking system, in addition to highly puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

    The Filibus bike, in common with the rest of the Kemper range, is built by hand in Germany by the founder of the company himself, Michael Kemper. Kemper has built all of his own bicycles since 1988, and has been one of the greatest creative forces behind modern cargo bikes.

    If you are planning on buying one of these world-class cargo cycles, what better way to do so than through a world class cargo bike retailer?

    Practical Cycles is highly passionate about cargo bikes

    We believe that more people should consider using a cargo bike as part of their everyday life. We were inspired to start Practical Cycles after visiting a range of cities that have an amazing bicycle culture, including Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Tokyo, and seeing how often cargo bikes were used for everyday tasks.

    If you are interested in the Kemper Filibus or cargo bikes in general, please don’t hesitate to give our bike-mad team a call today. Here at Practical Cycles, we really do take pride in making cargo bikes more popular, affordable and usable for everyone!


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