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8 Freight Cargo Bike



8 freight cargo bike


8 Freight Cargo Bike


The iconic Cargo Bikes used by Couriers, Gardeners, Workmen and Businesses the world over. 

In the past the wait for these bikes was long as they were built in the UK by hand on a small scale. However, 8 Freight is now in full production with frames being manufactured in Taiwan in large quantities. Taiwanese framebuilders are reknown for their excellent welding skills, labour charges are generally lower in Asia and the upscaling in production means that the new 8Freight is much more affordable.


   8 freight


The 8 Freight has a complimentary range of carrying options such as a sturdy wicker basket, a tough but lightweight, hinged-lid container for carrying cargo, parcels, shopping and more and a super-volume carrying hopper for serious business use.

The 8 Freight is a true all-round bike - capable of being used to run a business - windowcleaners, florists, pizza delivery....It's also safe and comfortable for transporting your children and is also a great bike to replace the car on shopping runs and other errands to collect/deliver large items.

20" wheels are very strong and manoeuvrable and the light aluminium frame is strong but gives the bike a feel akin to a 'normal' bike. Mono stay and mono forks mean that fixing a puncture does not require removal of the wheel. The remotely deployed twin leg kickstand is robust and simple to use.

Come and try one for yourself at Practical Cycles! We also have one available for hire!


About the designer


Mike Burrows might not be a familiar name to most windowcleaners and mums or dads but ask any cyclist who he is and they will say; "the bloke who designed Chris Boardman's Gold Olympic Medal winnning bike". They'd be right too! Mike burrows has designed many bikes and builds bikes for a living in his UK workshop.


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