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Bakfiets Cargo Bike & Trike

Bring a little bit of Dutch style into your life and spend a little less time in the car on the school-run and shopping trip. 


The Bakfiets Cargo Bike is an everyday sight in European towns and cities, especially in Holland. It's safe, sturdy and Practical!

The wooden box incorporates a folding bench (an extra one can be added to the Long model) and straps to hold your children in place. Various types of Rain Cover are available to keep your cargo dry including special see-thru 'tents' to keep your children dry but still give them a good view of the road! 

The bikes are available in Shimano Nexus 7 and 8 speeds or Nuvinci Continuously Variable Transmission - all hub gears so not only are they wide in range but also sealed from the elements and thus 'low maintenence'. A dynamo hub and front light is also standard on all manual models (rear light is battery operated).

A long and short version is available so your choice is how many children you wish to transport and how much cargo you wish to pedal.

Electric Assist Bakfiets Bike

Available as a factory-fitted option on the Bakfiets Long Cargo Bike and the narrow or wide Trikes. It is worth the while especially if you are using the Bakfiets regularly as a school run/shopping bike or a work/delivery bike. Please contact us for more details or read on...

The Electric system used in Bakfiets is the excellent and reliable Shimano STEPS system. It allows the rider to select the gear themself or to use the 'Autochange' function which means the systems chooses the right gear dependent on terrain and weight carried etc. The motor is encased within the mid section of the bike around the crank which makes it smooth, secure, balanced and leaves the rider feeling in control. A digital display is provided on the handlebars so the rider is always informed of speed, range and battery conditions.


Red and black are easily obtainable but other colours can be ordered without too long a wait. Contact us if you'd like something other than red or black! Delivery time on Bakfiets is currently about 4-6 weeks from ordering as the factory in Holland is always very busy! 


bakfiets uk

We have a Long, 8 speed version here to test ride at all times along with a child rain tent. Feel free to come and try it out - we have a 20 mile traffic free cycle path yards from our door along the flat beautiful Ribble Estuary and Fylde Coast. Please make an appointment to test ride a Bakfiets. 

Bakfiets Trike

Bakfiets Trike review - Velo Vision issue 44 - November 2011! 

Bakfiets Trike available for test rides now!

The Bakfiets Cargo Trike is also available to order. It is similar to the two wheeled bike in terms of parts, etc however it has three wheels not two! The Trike is available in standard size and Extra Wide. It can accommodate upto 4 children and comes with two benches as standard. A child rain tent and raincover are available. The toddler and baby seats that are available for the 2 wheeled Bakfiets can also be used in the trike too.


The trike is extremely stable and capable of carrying really heavy loads. It is also easy to steer and is good for those who worry about their balance when riding with children and large loads - it's hard to fall off a trike. 

The Standard trike is 82cm wide and the Extra Wide trike is 90cm wide.
The Bakfiets regular and wide trikes can also be factory fitted with the Shimano STEPS electric assist system - see shop pages for details.

Bakfiets XL Transport

This is the longest Bakfiets bike available. It is aimed at those wanting to move heavy and bulky loads and for business use. The bike comes with a flat bed load area with side rails but this can be removed to allow customised containers to be fitted for business and delivery use.


bakfiets xl electric assist cargo bike

bakfiets XL transport cargo bike

Delivery & servicing

We can deliver your Bakfiets Cargo Bike ready to ride within 250 miles of Practical Cycles FREE OF CHARGE. Please choose your delivery option in the menu when configuring your bike. More details here.


Servicing - we are happy to perform an annual service on your Bakfiets - basic service (brakes and gear tuning)  £30 (any parts required charged extra).

Test Rides

Customers in Scotland can also test ride a Bakfiets Trike at Comrie Development Trust (CDT). Practical Cycles have teamed up with CDT so that you can test ride one of their Bakfiets trikes in the heart of the Trossachs hills! 

Comrie Development Trust is a community charity that spans a wide range of services. If you test ride a Bakfiets Trike at CDT and then go on to purchase a Bakfiets Trike or Bike from Practical Cycles, we will make a donation to CDT!

You can visit the Comrie Development Trust Website by clicking here. Contact Emma or Andy via their contact page.

Click here for a Bakfiets Cargo Bike size chart 

Click here to visit the Bakfiets website (English)