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Christiania Cargo Bikes

We are the official Christiania dealer for the the North of England, UK! 

Christiania trike tweed

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or would like to visit us for a test ride. We have a long box and a straight box bike available for test riding by appointment.


Please visit our online Christiania Shop to configure and buy your Christiania instantly. We keep popular models (mainly the straight, sloping and long box) in stock. Some of the more unusual models and colours may need ordering from Denmark. If your trike is a special order from Denmark there is likely to be a waiting period of around 4-5 weeks or possibly longer at busier times. We will confirm this with you either prior to or upon receiving your order

Other types of Christiania Trike

christiania bikes for business

If there is a version of the trike that is not listed in our shop we can Order these directly from Christiania in Denmark - there is usually a waiting time of about 5 weeks for special orders.

Christianina also produce a Long Box version of their very popular trike (see pic. above). The Long Box easily accommodates 4-6 children and lots (lots!) of luggage. It is not essential to have a Long Box for carrying 4 children - the Straight Box fitted with two benches can comfortably accommodate 4 children. We recommend the Long Box version for those that need a high capacity Cargo Bike for personal or business use.

Christiania also produce special versions of the Trike for wheelchair passengers and also flat bed versions. We can provide a price for any type and configuration of Christiania if you don't see it in our shop pages - please contact us with a list of your requirements and intended use and we will work out a price and specification for you. 

The Christiania Cargo Bikes can also be fitted with electrical assist. The motor is housed in the rear wheel hub - this means that if you opt for an electrically assisted Christiania you will not be able to have the internal hub gears (nexus 3, 7 or 8). Instead of a hub gear, electric models come with Shimano derailleur gears.

Electrically assisted models come with hydraulic braking as standard. This powerful braking ensures that the higher speeds you may acheive can quickly and safley be reduced to a stop when you need it!


We can service your Christiania at any time - you can drop the bike with us or we can collect it for a charge. For all Christianias we recommend that you have it serviced after the first 8 weeks of use. We will do this for you free of charge (collection and re-delivery charges apply). The service takes about an hour. We strongly recommend this first service as it allows us to re-tune the brakes and gears as the cables on these naturally stretch after the first few weeks of use. Slack cables on brakes mean they do not function as efficiently and slack cables on gears mean they may not engage correctly which can lead to irrepairable damage.


Christiania offer a return to base manufacturers warranty on their bikes and parts as follows:

Frame - 3 years, parts - 2 years, batteries - 6 months.


We deliver all Christiania trikes ready to ready and fully safety checked. We will not deliver the bikes 'flat pack' to do so would invalidate their warranty. Christiania trikes must only be assembled by an approved Christiania dealer - we are one!

We can deliver your Christiania directly to your door. Within 250 miles of the FY8 postcode delivery is free of charge. For deliveries further afield, please contact us before you order. We deliver using our own van which ensures the bike gets to you in pristine condition but, more importantly we get to meet you and talk you through a few simple but important points of owning a Christiania Trike.


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