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Babboe Child Transport Bikes & Trikes



Babboe Big Trike with 4 kids

The world of Dutch Cargo Bikes has just become financially and physically more accessible! 

Babboe are one of the best selling Dutch 'box' bike brands in Holland. Practical Cycles were one of the first to sell thes ebikes in the UK.

The range consists of 8 bikes:

  • - The Babboe Big Trike
  • - The Babboe Big electric assist trike
  • - The Babboe City 2 wheeled
  • - The Babboe City electric assist
  • - The Babboe Big Transporter Trike
  • - The Babboe Big Transporter electric assist trike
  • - The Babboe Curve Trike
  • - The Babboe Curve electric assist trike



We have a Babboe Big and Babboe Curve (electric) demo trike here at Practical Cycles just waiting for you and your children to come and test ride - please contact us to arrange your test ride.

Babboe are able to produce a high quality bike with an excellent paint finish, frame fabrication and components. Shimano and Sturmey Archer  components are used on all bikes along with non-rusting alloy components and well made tough wheels.

The galvanised and powder-coated frame and chassis on Babboe bikes are made in Taiwan. The Babboe has also been cleverly designed so that it can be packaged into much smaller cartons and is thus cheaper to ship as it occupies less volume in the container. So the savings over other Dutch brands of Cargo Bike are not as a result of a lower quality parts and finishing but utilising cheaper Asian expertise and smarter shipping. We invite you to come and view our range of Dutch Cargo Bikes along side the Babboe so you can decide for yourself on the high quality of the Babboe.

Prices quoted in our webshop for Babboe are all 100% ready to ride prices. Delivery, ready-to-ride, is included. This does not include addresses with a Highlands and Islands postcode which we can deliver to but at an extra cost - please ask us for a delivery quote.

The Babboe is a complete package - your only option is to decide on whether you want a raintent for riding in the cold and wet. Otherwise each Babboe comes with a framelock, front LED lights, back light, pannier rack, 3-point safety harnesses and pedals. 

The Babboe has been stringently safety tested for strength and durability by the independant testing authority SGS Group.

Babboe Big/Transporter Trike Dimensions

Cargo Bike: length 217 cm - width 88 cm - height 110 cm
Box: length 90 cm - width 58 cm - 53 cm height

Babboe Curve Box Dimensions

Cargo Bike: length 217 cm - width 88.4 cm - height 110 cm
Box: length +/- 90 cm - width 63 cm - height 55>44 cm

Babboe City Dimensions

Cargo Bike: length 255 cm - width 65 cm - height 110 cm
Box: length 99>65 cm - width 65>58 cm - height 50>37 cm


Each Babboe Cargo Bike comes with the following manufacturers warranty:

Frame - 5 years

Non-wearing parts - 2 years

12 months on the wooden panels of the bucket

On Electric Babboes:

1 year on Lithium-Ion Polymer battery
6 months on electric support control
6 months on pedal sensor
1 year on the charger
1 year on the electric motor in the hub and control box

Your Babboe must be serviced within 3 months or 100km of  you owning the bike from new. If you do not have your Babboe serviced within these parameters the warranty will be void.

Contact us - mail@practicalcycles.com to arrange your test ride - bring the family - even the dog!