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Xtracycle LEAP Kit


UPDATE JAN 2016 - the Freeradical is now discontinued. after a run of over 10 years largely unchanged, Xtracycle have designed a replacement for the Freeradical. The Leap will be available from Summer 2016. It will perform in a similar way to the Freeradical but it will adapt to fit a variety of different wheel sizes and bike types. Sign up for our mailing lists for updates as and when we have them.



What's an Xtracycle?

Xtracycle is the name given to a regular bicycle that has been converted with a LEAP Kit made by Xtracycle.  The generic term for this sort of bike is a Longbike or Longtail. The Xtracycle LEAP kit is unique and allows the majority of regular bikes to be converted to an Xtracycle.

The Xtracycle LEAP Kit effectively increases the length of your current bike (hence longbike) and allows for a large cargo carrying capacity. For some the capacity and versatility of the Xtracycle is enough to convince them to sell their car - out with the SUV and in with the SUB - Sport Utility Bicycle - the Xtracycle as well as being Practical is fun too - it can even carry child and adult passengers.

The picture below shows an Xtraycle fitted with two GMG Yepp rear seats. These fit to the Xtracycle V racks using the Xtraycle Flight Deck. The Flight Deck is a secure and specific deck made for fitting either one or two GMG Yepp Seats. Fitting is simple and requires the use of a small spanner and allen key. Once fitted the seats can be removed in seconds and even lock to the bike. See our online shop for more details on the GMG Yepp seats.


xtracycle 2 child seats

Will it work with my bike?

The probability that the Xtracycle LEAP kit will fit your bike is high - the easiest way to find out is to contact us. The Xtracycle Freeradical kit works best with mountain bikes. It's useful if we know what make, model and year your bike is, wheel size - ie is it 26" or 700, does it have a chainstay bridge, are the rear dropouts vertical, horizontal, track ends or do they have a collar around them and also the width between the rear dropouts. Photos are also useful. For advice on compatability use our contact form.

Although the Xtracycle LEAP Kit will work with 20", 24", 26", 650b, 27.5", 650b+, 700c, 29" and 29"+ wheeled bikes. Xtracycle have put together a simple compatability document which you can view here (opens in a new window)

The Practical Cycles Xtracycle 'What's to Lose' Promise*!

We will happily send you an Xtracycle LEAP Kit even if you are unsure of the compatability with your own bike. So when you receive it and it fits then that's good news. But if it doesn't then fear not! Provided you return the LEAP Kit unused* and with all original packaging and manuals then we will refund the full price you paid for it. The only minor risk for you is the return postage cost you will need to pay.

(* = What we won't refund for is if the Kit has been fully attached to the bike and has been ridden - fair's fair really!)

What can I use it for?

As well as the standard Xtracycle, there's a range of accessories that can help you do certain things:

  1. Ride to work - take your briefcase, a weeksworth of clothes, your lunch and still have enough room to pick up a crate of beer on the way home.
  2. Ride to the shops, we reckon you can easily fit a weeksworth of shopping for a family of 4 on the back of an xtracycle without any trouble.
  3. Got an allotment? The Xtracycle loves carrying fresh home-grown produce! The Xtracycle is also excellent for lugging growbags.
  4. Moving house? A few trips on the Xtracycle could do the lot (provided you don't live in a 17 bedroom mansion).
  5. Make recycling your stuff even greener - load the Xtracycle up with papers, cardboard, glass, plastic and nip off to the tip - you could even come back.....
  6. ....off road - the Xtracycle loves abit of rough.
  7. Take the kids to school - you can fit upto two GMG Yepp child seats to the Xtracycle provided you have already or buy the Xtracycle Flight Deck.

Found enough reasons to dump the car yet?


Useful links

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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rootsradicals/ - The font of all Xtracycle knowledge

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