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Cyclescheme Information


We are part of the Government Cycle to Work Scheme. There are a number of commercial organisations which 'deliver' this scheme. They make their money by taking a percentage of the bike sales which are processed by them via bike shops and dealers.


One of the most widely available and used of these schemes is Cyclescheme.  Practical Cycles is a member of this scheme. For full details check out their website -

We are also affiliated to NHS Bikes that offer a similar scheme for employees of participating  NHS Trusts. You can find out more by visiting their website - or contacting us.

We are also now part of the Bike2Work Scheme too - visit their website for more information Essentially the scheme works like all the others so please contact us for a quotation on the cargo, town or family bike of your dreams!

Bike To Work also offer this scheme (sounds similar to the above but they are not connected in any way). You can visit their website here -

Cycle Plus offer schemes to many orgainsations and companies - including the British Police. We are affilliated to their scheme. You can find out more about buying a Cargo Bike using Cycle Plus on their website.

Green Commute Initiative are an innovative newcomer the the Cycle Scheme fold. You can read more on their website link below. Put simply, unlike other schemes, there is no limit to the cost of the bike purchased with this scheme meaning that ALL the bikes we sell may be purchased through this scheme. Brilliant! - especially if you are buying an electric Cargo Bike!



In simple terms here's how it works:


1/ Check that your employer has signed up to Cyclescheme - if they have, then great - if not then why not convince them of the benefit it will bring to their company and their employees. 


2/ You see a bike you like - contact us - tell us what you are interested in and we will send you a written quotation on an official Cyclescheme form (there's no obligation to buy).


3/ If the quotation is to your liking, take the form to your employer who will then approve the quotation and send it to the Cyclescheme office.


4/ The Cyclescheme office issue a voucher based on the original quotation and send it to you. You should then bring this voucher to us (or post it if it is a mail order purchase). 


5/ You get a shiny new Cargo/Utility Bike for a lot less than normal price!



There are some things which we will point out that are important.

1/ Our Cargo Bikes can be purchased through the 'cyclescheme' however due to the low profit margins on what are mainly handbuilt, small production run, special order bikes; we ask that you cover the 10-15% charge levied on us by the various cycleschemes. This does not include BSP, Civia or Surly bikes. This means we will charge an extra 10-15 % of the advertised value of the bike. You will still be saving between around 20-40% on the price of a new cargo bike!


2/ There is a limit on the price of the bike you can purchase - £1,000. You can purchase a bike that is more expensive but your employer MUST have a consumer credit licence. Why? Effectively your employer is providing you with a loan to buy the bike which you pay back to them over the space of one year out of yourwages tax free. Becasue it is a loan, the government states that your employer must have a Consumer Credit Licence to issue loans of over £1,000. 


3/ Cyclescheme are a commercial organisation, not a charity and are not part of the government. 


4/ The good news is that the scheme is not just restricted to bikes. When you buy a bike you can add locks, spares, lights, upgrades- in fact just about any bicycle accessory - so don't forget to factor these in when requesting a quote.


5/ Bikes that are in the sale, discounted or part of any special offer can be purchased through Cyclescheme but we will charge you the commission that we are charged by the scheme you are buying through (usually between 10-15% of the sale price). Full price or rrp bikes may be purchased through the scheme without incurring the charge).