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Urban Arrow

We instantly fell in love with Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes at the Eurobike Bicycle Trade Show in Germany back in 2011. At that show they won the red dot award for their family Cargo Bike.

Deservedly so we say, as the Urban Arrow Cargo Bike was and still is a real departure from traditional designs of Cargo Bike. Granted there are loosely similar designs of two-wheeled Cargo Bikes (Bakfiets and Babboe City spring to mind) but none that use the frame design, modern materials and cleverly thought out design that Urban Arrow does. (We'd like to point out that this isn't copied and pasted manufacturers/PR blurb. This is from-the-heart, we-own-and-use-one praise of the Urban Arrow brand!)

Urban Arrow Family Bike

Urban Arrow has a lightweight aluminium frame which is unusual on a Cargo Bike. This makes for a bike that can be engineered to take the knocks and weight of everyday life yet ligther than a steel framed Cargo Bike. This requires some more imaginative frame deisgn but, we think, this only adds to the visual appeal of the Urban Arrow Family Bike (and their other more business-orientated bikes which we will cover further on).

Even the box on the Urban Arrow Family is different - don't expect a heavy wooden marine ply box - no! The box is made from shockproof foam EPP - a sort of heavily compressed polystyrene. Around this the aluminium frame provides excellent security and safety for the children you are carrying in your Urban Arrow Cargo Bike!

Pretty much everything in the family bike is different to all two wheeled family bikes that have gone before. The raintent for example also considers the person pedalling and provides an arching edge that will help keep driving rain out of your eyes on a cold Novemeber morning.

And it is on those cold November mornings when you have four children (yes it seats up to four kids each with their own safety harness) and all the paraphenalia they bring along with them that you will be grateful for the optional Bosch electric assist that can be specified with the Urban Arrow.

Bosch produce, in our opinion, the best and most reliable electric assist system there is available for bikes. It will efffortlessly propell you and your children meaning you arrive less sweaty and more calm and collected but still with a good bit of exercise to keep the blood moving and the mind refreshed each day! Even the gears are unique on the Urban Arrow. It uses Nuvinci N360 continuously variable gearing. This is contained out of rain and dirts way in the hub casing which means low maintenance. Most importantly the Nuvinci Hub Gear does not have steps like a normal click-click-click gear system - it is much like smoothly turning the gas up and down which allows you to dial in the pefect 'gear' for fighting the headwind or screaming along the coast road - no more under or over gearing - the Urban Arrow gets it just right with the Nuvinci!

And it is safe! Very safe! We can't state enough how you can carry your kids by bike safely with the Urban Arrow. The bottom of the box is very low which makes it stable and the sides offer more protection for the children within. The safety extends to the person doing the pedalling too. The forwards crank and laid back saddle mean that the saddle remains low enough to keep your feet flat and firmly on the ground at junctions and traffic lights without compromising on comfort whilst riding.

But what happens when the kids grow up and start riding their own bikes? Well, the Urban Arrow (like most good quality Cargo Bikes) holds it's value second hand but why get rid of it when you can convert it? That's right; the Urban Arrow is produced with future use in mind and the front of the bike is seperable from the rear which means you can swap the front child carrying box for one that carries shopping or a bigger box that you can start your own business with - bread bike, delivery bike, final mile courier anyone?!

Whatever you do with your Urban Arrow Family Bike in the short or long term there is a range of accessories too:


Flat Box Cover

Adaptor for fitting Yepp Child Seat

Maxi Cosi Seat Adapter

Luggage Net

Parka Full Bike Cover

Urban Arrow Shorty

It's not all about carrying kids! Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes can earn you money as well as save you money!

There are two versions of Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes; the Urban Arrow Shorty and the Urban Arrow Cargo. Both are capable of carrying serious loads and are powered by the excellent and near-silent Bosch electric assist system.

This is ideal for smaller deliveries and loads. As well as the Bosch system it shares many parts with the Family model such as the Nuvinci N360 hub gear, parking stand, brakes, wheels and lighting.

The shorty boxes are constructed in a similar way to the Family version (but shorter!). A flat bed Urban Arrow Shorty is also available which will allow users to have their own custom cargo load area made specially for their needs. Urban Arrow also have some off-the-shelf boxes for the Shorty such as Pizza Thermo Box and a Tool Top Explorer.

Urban Arrow Cargo

The Cargo model comes in 3 different lengths, Large (72cm), XL (90cm) and XXL (130cm) with the dimensions representing the length of the load area.

The Cargo models can be used as either flatbed bikes onto which you can fit your own carrying receptacles or, you can fit the special Urban Arrow Flight Case or lockable alu box of correseponding size. There is even a passive coolbox for things such as sandwich deliveries or florists.

The Cargo makes a brilliant bike for deliveries because of it's hauling capacity (125kg!) and speed thanks to lightweight construction and Bosch electric assist! It's no surprise that the Urban Aroow Cargo Bike is fast becoming the delivery bike of choice for final mile couriers throughout the world.



The Urban Arrow frame has a 5 year manufacturers warranty. The battery and other parts are covered for 2 years for manufacturing faults.


Urban Arrow bikes are built to order in the Netherlands and shipped to us for final assembly. This usally takes about 6-8 weeks. You can configure your Urban Arrow on our website if you know what you want, otherwise we recommend that you visit to test ride our Urban Arrow Family demo bike and talk to us about what you want to get out of your Urban Arrow.

Visit the Urban Arrow website here

Configure and buy your Urban Arrow Cargo Bike online here