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Kemper Cargo Bikes

Kemper Bikes are handmade in Germany by Michael Kemper. It is possible to order any Kemper through Practical Cycles. Our love of Cargo Bikes means that we have two of their most popular ones available for test rides - the Packmax Duo Longtail Cargo Bike and the Filibus front loading Cargo Bike.


Kemper Packmax Duo

This Longtail Cargo Bike is really great value for money given that it comes with colour matched mudguards, hub dynamo, Busch & Muller lighting, Shimano Nexus Internal Gear Hub, front colour coded carrier and Axa Framelock!

It is possible to fit upto two Bobike Classic, and/or Polisport Guppy child seats on the rear of the Packmax Duo. And, there is still plenty of room for carrying extra stuff on the front carrier rack.

The frame is steel which makes it tough and less prone to flexing under load. The low step through is also good when carrying children on the back.

At less than the price of a Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike, why would you buy something made in Asia when you can have a high quality Kemper bike that's made in Germany?



Kemper Filibus

The Kemper Filibus Cargo Bike is a traditional design that is being kept alive by Kemper. It is ideal as a bike for large shopping trips and also business and family use,

It is possible to fit a Bobike Classic rear child seat to the carrying rack on the Filibus. For those carrying shopping or using the bike for business deliveries, the large cargo deck is perfect for attaching a traditional wicker basket or lockable box to. There's also space at the back for rear pannier bags.

Like the Packmax Duo, the Filibus comes with a packed specification and is also handmade in Germany. The specifiction is similar to the Packmax Duo. It is possible too carry 75kg on the main front carrier and 25kg on the rear panier rack, so the Kemper Filibus has a considerable payload capacity!



Kemper Filibus Plus

The Filibus Plus is a true European Cargo Bike design similar to the many types of 'Bakfiets' (meaning box bikes) that you will see in Amsterdam, Groningen, Copenhagen and other European cities.

You can be assured of the high quality German hands-on manufacturing and similar equipment that is used throughout the Kemper range of bikes.

The front Box can accommodate two children or heavy loads such as bags of cement, shopping or recycling. The box will carry a maximum of 80kg  and the rear rack 20kg



Kemper Lorri

Looks can be deceptive! Is this a Cargo Bike I hear you say! With a 60kg carrying capacity you better beleive it! Cargo Bikes don't have to be huge. In the UK many many people live in apartments or lack the space to store large bikes. For many the prospect of storing a bike, especially a large Cargo Bike indoors is the only answer (or prevention for them owning one).

The Lorri takes up less room than a 'normal' MTB or road bike - it's about the size of a 20" wheeled folding bike.

It's ideal for shopping, kid transport and as a regular a-to-b bike. It's size and weight make it possibly the easiest Cargo Bike that you can carry up stairs!


Click here to buy your Kemper Cargo Bike!