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Xtracycle Node Folding Cargo Bike


The Xtracycle cargo Node is based upon the new Xtracycle Leap (replacement for the Freeradical) and also the Tern Bikes Joe folding bike. Mating the two together has created a unique folding Cargo Bike.

For those that live in apartments, don't own a garage or shed or even those that live on boats, caravans and camper vans; storing any kind of bike can be difficult and a Cargo Bike perhaps impossible. The Xtracycle Cargo Node gets around this problem by being a small package to start with AND foldable.

But just becasue it is small and can fold smaller does not mean its capabilities are small or limited!

Two children can be comfortably and safely carried on ther rear deck (either directly or in Yepp Maxi child seats) and there's room for carrying shopping and other bulky cargo too.

The Cargo Node is available from Spring 2016 and a demo bike will be available too.