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Humpert Moon Bugel Handlebars

£15.98 incl tax

This is a very elegant handlebar that would be suited to a variety of bikes and also riding styles. They would look at home on a road or MTB/ Hybrid and also be good for flat barred fixies.
There are 4 versions of this bar
  • - 25.4mm clamp - black (AL-5000 series alloy)
  • - 25.4mm clamp - silver (AL-5000 series alloy)
  • - 31.8mm (OS) clamp - black (AL6061 T6 alloy)
  • - 31.8mm (OS) clamp - silver (AL6061 T6 alloy) 
  • - All bars have a 22.2mm outside diameter at the grip area.
  • - There is NO RISE to any of the bars.
  • - OS bars have a backsweep of 23 degrees, 200mm grip length and weigh 300 grammes
  • - 25.4mm bars have a backsweep of 23 degrees, 180mm grip length and weigh 235 grammes
The oversize bars are made from a higher grade of aluminium alloy and therefore are more expensive.

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