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Sturmey S80 Brake Lever for Drum, Roller & Canti Brakes

£8.50 incl tax

These brake levers are sold singly and in pairs - you need to choose what you need from the menu. Why sell in singles? Well Sometimes with hub gears and brakes (integrated) you only need one lever - you may have a different brake up front....etc etc.
Two versions - one with and one without a parking brake facility.

Parking brake version -  you can use the brake as a parking brake. Simply squeeze the brake lever and press the button and the brake is held 'on'. Squeeze the lever again and the button pops up and the brake is 'off'.
  • - Lightweight
  • - Made from Alloy
  • - For flat bars with outer diamater of 22.2mm.
  • - Work with Drum, Roller or Cantelever brakes
  • - Silver anodised finish
  • - Does not include cable
  • - Left and right hand specific
  • - Rubber insert on lever - good for grip
  • - 4 finger lever - roomy!
  • - Superb value

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