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Sun Race Downtube Gear Shifters 7, 8 & 9 Speed

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£11.50 incl tax

These are brilliant, good quality, nice looking gear shifters.
Good for retro builds but also good for hassle-free, low maintenance - repair-anywhere-in-the-world touring! 
There are 5 types of shifters: 
  • -7 speed braze on
  • -7 speed clamp on (28.6mm)
  • -8 speed braze on
  • -8 speed clamp on (28.6mm)
  • -9 speed braze on 
  • -All shifters are in a pairs - ie one for the left (front mech) and one for the right  (rear mech)
  • -All shifters are friction for the left shifter (no indexing) with the right shifter (rear  mech) being indexed
  • -All shifters include a cable

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