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Selle Royal Roomy Memory Foam Sprung Saddle

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£20.99 incl tax

This is the replacement for the venerable Moody saddle - It is almost the same except that the padding is memory foam and it has a matt finish.

These are often used on our Dutch and Danish Cargo Bikes - why? Well, they are designed for those spending a lot of time actually sat in the saddle. The more 'sit-up-and-beg' your bike position is, the more weight you place on your behind which means it can get numb when seated for a while. The sumptuous Memory Foam and steel springs on the Roomy saddle ensure that every ride you take cossets you in comfort! We thoroughly recommend them for men and women - which is good because the saddle comes in two sizes (yes - ladies have wider sit bones than men on average - they bear children!)

MENS SADDDLE - 165mm wide, 265mm long

WOMENS SADDLE - 181mm wide, 246mm long

The saddle has steel single rails coated in black.

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