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Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

£25.00 incl tax

Long have we coveted these beautiful and superbly made bottles made by Klean Kanteen of the USA.

There is only one way to carry a drink around with you whilst on your travels and that is in a stainless steel canister. It's somehow just right - it makes the contents that you are drinking seem so much more important and appreciated. It is also the most HYGIENIC way of carrying fluids too!

  • - No plastic taste when drinking
  • - Leak-free top (replacements available)
  • - Built to last
  • - Sport top - rubberised drinking valve with finger hold
  • - Can be threaded on a rope or thin belt
If you are using this in your bottle cage on your bike - you may need to bend the cage in slightly as the bottles are a couple of mm narrower than regular bike bottles.


  • - 18oz (height 222mm)
  • - 28oz (height 280mm)
NOTE - this is not a flask for keeping liquid warm or cool!

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