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Suntour SP12 NCX Parallelogram Suspension Seatpost

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£84.98 incl tax

Suntour have totally redesigned this classic suspension seatpost.
Parallelogram type seatposts (as opposed to internal sprung ones) offer a more refined suspension with less jerkyness and more smoothness. Compared to a Cane Creek Thudbuster, for example, this seatpost from Suntour offers superb performance but at around half the price of the Thudbuster.
  • - Alloy arms
  • - 50mm of travel
  • - 27.2mm, 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameter tube
  • - Length - 350mm
  • - Colour - black (alloy)
  • - Advised rider weight - 60-100kg
  • - Sensitivity can be adjusted by turning the adjustment bolt in the base of  the post.
  • - Micro adjust saddle clamp
  • - Weight  780 grammes

See one of our customers review of this Seatpost here.

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    Sooo comfy From: Guest | Created on: 24/08/2016 13:57

    Having completed 350m tour of the north west of Scotland last week, I can safely say the seat post were a great success.

    The seat post is amazing, first time I had to stop and check my back tyre was not soft!  All the road chatter is just soaked up, only pot-holes are felt at all, and they are well softened.

    I have a medium spring - I am at the lower end of the weight recommendation,  though for road work I think going softer would be even better.
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